September 19-22, 2019
Plantation Field International
CCI4-S*, CCI3-S*, CCI2-S*


Retired Racehorse Project -

This year PFIHT will shine a spotlight on the very equines who make this sport – and others – possible by naming the Retired Racehorse Project as one of our beneficiaries. Throughout the weekend, we will highlight some of the Thoroughbreds in the competition, as well as others. They deserve our respect and care after crossing the finish line for the last time.

Chester County Food Bank -

PFIHT will be supporting the Chester County Food Bank this year.  The CCFB is not your typical food bank.  They grow their own food and partner with area farms to increase access to fresh food for the 70,000 people who struggle with hunger in Chester County.

Cheshire Land Preservation Fund -

The CLPF is a charitable trust created in 1989 to promote and encourage the preservation of open space, agricultural resources, and natural ecological systems in Southern Chester County.

The CLPF is fortunate to be working in an area where the natural resources and scenic viewsheds are deserving of special consideration when it comes to open space preservation.  Through their efforts, and those of others, there are now over 30,000 contiguous acres in our area subject to conservation easements and deed restrictions that will permanently preserve their rural character and agricultural use.





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